What documents do I need?

You must take with you the originals of the following.
• Each person must have a passport valid for at least 6 months after returning.
• Valid certificate of insurance for your motorcycle. In all countries we tour 3rd party insurance is a legal requirement.
• A valid MOT certificate if applicable.
• A valid driving license for the category of machine you are riding, if you hold the new photo style license, you must take both parts.

Do I need Medical/Travel insurance?

Although the UK has a reciprocal health care arrangement with most European countries, you will still need to take with you the new type European Health Insurance Card available online at www.dh.gov.uk/travellers, but we do insist that you take out a separate Travel Insurance policy that will cover you for health, accident, repatriation and cancellation.

Do I need breakdown cover?

Again we insist that you take out European Breakdown Cover that includes repatriation before you start your journey. Alpine tt staff will be on hand to help you with arranging the repair of mechanical problems, but we cannot be held responsible if your motorcycle is unable to continue the tour.

How far do you travel in a day?

Depending at what stage we are at in the tour, we try not to exceed 240 miles a day on average, We do make every effort to ensure that we ride for no further than 300 miles but whilst we endeavour to maximise the time we spend in our main tour location, we will need to extend this average, but mainly on our outbound leg of the tours.

Can I sail from another port?

If you live a long way from Dover (North of England - Scotland) you may prefer to travel using the ferry crossings on the east coast (Hull - Rotterdam) and meet with us at the hotel, in which case we will supply you with a route plan from the arrival port to the hotel, or you may prefer to stay overnight in Dover prior to the scheduled departure of the tour, just let us know when you make the booking.

Can I ride one my own/split from the group?

On the first day of the tour you will receive a road book detailing all the routes and hotels we will be using, so you don't need to stay in convoy if you so wish, its your holiday, we can just meet up at any of the planned stops or back at the hotel. Those of you who wish to stay in convoy with the tour leader, will be kindly asked to follow a code of practice with regards to group riding.

How fast do we go?

Again this is your holiday and we are not going to tell you what speeds you can and cannot do, However if you wish to ride in convoy you will be expected to remain within the convoy limits, so in short, convoy rides will keep a progressive controlled pace to which road conditions and speed limits dictate. We will remain within the local law to posted speed limits through towns and villages, and when on national roads speed of up to 80mph when safe to do so, or to a speed that the convoy is happy with.

How secure is the parking?

Alpine tt actively tries to use hotels that have some form of private or secure parking, but we cannot guarantee that secure parking will be available all the time at the hotels we us, so we highly recommend that you bring your chains and disc locks with you.

What are the hotel standards like?

All hotels that Alpine tt use are at least 2,3 & 4 Star rated (as per its approval or tourist classification under the rules of that country). You will always have full private facilities in your room.

What meals can I expect?

Unless otherwise stated in the tour details, each night’s stay at a hotel will on a dinner, bed and breakfast basis, breakfast usually being buffet/continental style. Please check the itinerary carefully to ensure you understand what meals are included. If you have any special dietary requirements you should notify us at the time of booking, this will be confirmed on your booking confirmation. Alpine tt cannot be held responsible for any unsuitable dietary requirements if we are not informed when at time of booking.

What clothes will I need?

You will not be strutting you stuff on a cat walk so take a selection of t-shirts - polo shirts together with jeans and casual pants. For taking dinner in the hotels you only need to be dressed smartly, no jackets and ties or dinner suites needed. With regards to what you wear when out riding, Alpine tt will always recommend that you wear the appropriate motorcycling clothing be it leathers or rainproof gortex protective wear. if in the case you wear leathers remember to bring some waterproof gear with you just in case.

What if it rains?

I've been riding for some 31 years now and when it rains I get wet, so its safe to say that you will get wet too, but you can reduce how wet you get by bringing some sort of waterproof gear with you on the tour, not forgetting waterproof gloves.

What will the weather be like?

We have planned our all tours around researching past weather trends, this is by no means a guarantee that its going to be dry, but by planning our tours this way we hope that you will be able to enjoy touring with your sun glasses on.

Can you carry luggage?

At present, we don't have plans to introduce a luggage vehicle, we think that offering excellent value for money tours is far more important.



We are pleased to have been awarded the RiDE Magazine Recommended triangle on our recent tour to Northern Spain.

So what does that mean for you?

Well we don't do anything differently on all our other tours, so you can have peace of mind that we will look after you just as much.